Portwey Steam Tug

Now that the West India is returning to normality, and the super yachts of the Olympics have set sail, we get to witness the return of the Portwey to its mooring.
Portwey is the last remaining twin screw, coal fired steam tug still active in the United Kingdom and possibly the Northern Hemisphere.
Built on the Clyde in 1927, she was first owned by the Portland and Weymouth Coaling Company and worked along the south coast of England, being based at Portland.
Lovingly restored and maintained by volunteers and co-ordinated by the Portwey Trust, it was great to see the crew prepare for a short voyage up the Thames.
At nearly 100 years old, great care is taken to stoke the furnaces slowly. The crew allow her nearly 3 days to warm up and get to pressure, thus preventing any damage caused by excessive heat expansion.


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