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6th Sep, 2011

While moored up at Limehouse we spotted the infamous Princess Matilda, Captained by Timothy Spall and his wife Shane.
twitter: @pastafa

The trusty seagoing barge built by Peter Nicholas of Steelboat

You can see more on Peter Nicholas as I visit him at his Braunston based boat yard in my March 2012 blog posts.

6th Sep, 2011

Dear London Peregrine Partnership,

Last night whilst admiring the evenings clear weather and
sunset I noticed a bird hovering and perching at the top of a building
called Streamlighte.

I hope you can help me with my mystery and look forward to hearing
from you soon,

All the best,


Hi Will,

Thanks for your email. Looking at the photographs I would say your suspicions are correct - the silhouettes are indicative of a Peregrine Falcon.

Your 'twitcher' friend is correct, there is a pair which often perch on the Dome, across the river from Streamlight Tower, and have nested nearby. The hooping/jumping behaviour you observed could suggest a juvenile bird playing in the wind. Birds will sometimes stretch their wings into the wind when drying off after bathing/rain.

There have been reports of other pairs around docklands, so you're quite likely to see more of them if you live in this area. Another perk of living near the tall buildings!

Kind regards,

Stuart Harrington
London Peregrine Partnership

27th Aug, 2011

Nothing prepares you for the surreal statue of Jacko amounst the burger vans of Fulham Football Club.

Fulham chairman Mohammed Al Fayed was friends with MJ and invited him to Fulham FC to watch them play Wigan in 1999.

We saluted Jacko with a volly of 'Shamone's' and 'HeeHee's' before continuing on our way.

27th Aug, 2011

While travelling down the Thames we were treated to great views of the stunning Shard building which now dwarfs the surrounding buildings.

However the equally cool Aviva was in town and moored at Butlers Wharf near Tower Bridge.

In the land of giants little Alternative stood tall and chugged by.

6th Aug, 2011

On a barmy summers evening Fabien Riggall's Secret Cinema club toke over the Wood wharf and transformed it in to Fighter town Miramar to show Top Gun.

I toke this picture of the audience all dressed up as Mavericks and Charlies.

Great moment when a real 1986 Kawasaki GPz 900R races across the stage! Very cool!

6th Aug, 2011

Has the ultimate nerd's getaway – the canal boat holiday – been transformed into holiday heaven for hipsters? We reveal all from London's canals

Read full articale at:

Article by Gemma Bowes

15th Jul, 2011

A one day perferomance by artist Ian Giles. While moored at Canary Wharf as part of a collaboration with the Live Art Development Agency and the Canary Wharf Group. All in aid of telling the story of the Docklands Bell.
This long distant photo shows the Floating Cinema crossing the east corner of West India Dock another wise known as Dollar Bay.

9th Jul, 2011

Alternative moored up at the Folly for the flyover.

Built and run by Assemble, a not-for-profit collective of architects, artists and designers the Folly has been built for a five week programme of waterside cinema, performance and play delivered in conjunction with the Barbican Art Gallery and CREATE 2011.

We parked and hung out with jazz enthusiast and talented cosmic artist Bob.

1st Jul, 2011

What a launch party!
Hundreds of canal and film lovers descended on Springfield Marina to make the opening night an overwelming success.
Photos thanks to Nina Pope of Somewhere.

1st Jul, 2011

What a sight! Afters months of hard work, Narrowboat 'Cole' aka 'Floating cinema' is chugging to the Lea Valley Rowing Club for the public launch and the premier of the re-make of Barging through London.

17th May, 2011

One of the most dramatic skies over Poplar!

6th May, 2011

Everyone pulling together, July 1st is not far away!

25th Apr, 2011

Where to start?
Will and Annie studying "Mission control"
Photo snapped by Studio Weave

3rd Apr, 2011

After many meetings and planning with Studio Weave the time has come to start!

20th Feb, 2011

There is no better way to clear a Sunday morning hangover than wading around in mud!
Thames 21 offer you chance to do precisely this on organised litter picks days throughout the year, but most at low tides.
This litter pick event was at a surreal low tide which gave you a unique view of the river.
Upon arrival I donned the Thames 21 supplied socks and wellies and set off into the mud outside the Poplar rowing club and opposite the Navel college and Trafalgar pub (excellent Doom bar & Whitebait)
I was immediately drawn to a foreign object.
It was a pipe.

4th Feb, 2011

Poplar Dock froze over last night as temperatures continued to drop.
Stoke up the fire!

1st Feb, 2011

Heavy snow hits Poplar!
Stoke up the fire!

4th Oct, 2010

If anyone can explain this one please feel free.
I knew the banks were big, but blocking out the sun?

27th Jul, 2010

Whilst travelling out around the Regents canal, Alternative stopped off at the super cool Towpath Cafe, Dalston Thanks to the vision of people like Lori and Jason, users of the tow paths now have a nice resting stop.

5th Jul, 2010

While travelling on the Thames early one morning, Alternative came face to face with HMS Richmond steaming up stream.

The 5000 tonne Portsmouth-based warship was to moor along side HMS Belfast and then on to Richmond for the 'Freedom Parade' on the 9th July.

HMS Richmond is a Type 23 Duke Class Anti Submarine Warfare Frigates in service with the Royal Navy. She is the 8th warship to bear the name.

For a 20 tonne narrow boat armed at best with a bread knife and whisk, the Richmonds guns and sheer speed made for a rather intimidating experience.

Rule Britainnia!