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8th Jun, 2010

Like an oasis to the thirsty boater the Palm Tree stands alone in evey way! The best pint in London!
Before the creation of Mile Ends Green Flag awarded park this view was very different.
Heavily bombed out during the blitz, Haverfield Road was a street of Pre-fabes and next door to the pub was a scrap yard.
The canal was fenced off.
Now its one of the nicest spots in the East End.
Cheers Alfie and gang!

8th Jun, 2010

On a solo return leg from Limehouse capture this summer dawn over the dome.

1st May, 2010

On the yet another tour from London to Oxford, the River Rat Pack returned to the Palm Tree in Mile End Park.
Pure genius! The Cheeky Charmer pulls another big crowd!

16th Apr, 2010

Incredible Spring rains!

5th Dec, 2009

Don't normally like like yellow lines, but this one in Farringdon is pretty cool!

9th Jun, 2009

We are treated to this stunning view of Canary Wharf from Limehouse while retrurning home from Poplar.

6th May, 2009

Mummy Duck and family rests aboard Albert the security croc.

2nd Nov, 2008

A hardy boater crunches through the ice near Victoria Park.

14th Dec, 2007

Photo taken from the Southbank of the stunning Earth Race.

This magnificent 24m tri-hull wavepiercer is skippered by founder Pete Bethune, as part of a challenge to break the circumnavigetion record of a 100% carbon neutral bio-fuelled craft.

The project aims to to draw attention to the need for renewable fuels and sustainable living.

Earthrace will set off from Valencia in March 2008 is aiming to be back around 65 days later after traveling 26,000 miles.

31st Jul, 2006

Returning from a truely epic 60 hour continuous transit fight from Nias off the east coast of Sumatra I captured this picture from the window of a Air India Jumbo flying in over the Docklands looking down on a sun baked Isle of Dogs.

This picture prompt me to begin the search for living in a different way possibly on a boat?

As I continued west I was treated to perfect views of the near complete Emirates Stadium and on an idealic Richmond and Eel Pie Island.

6 months later, Narrow boat Alternative comes on the market and the adventure begins.

21st Feb, 2003

Infinity shown at DKNY Bond Street as part of an exhibition promoting top New Designers.