Compact Living

ALT8V believes that space is a very valuable commodity in modern urban environments.

Whether you have a 20sqm narrowboat or have a conventional home, if the functionality of a space is inefficient you could be wasting time and money on a day to day basis or simply be uninspired by your surroundings.

ALT8V specialises in designing efficient, compact spaces. No matter what you require from your space, ALT8V would be delighted to discuss how best to maximise your space and functionality.

ALT8V is experienced in creating and delivering highly innovative solutions to a wide range of spaces for living, work and leisure.

Twin walk in wardrobe
A frustrating problem easily solved by a clever re-working of the space. The design incorporates existing furniture items to ensure maximum storage. The final result is a clever twin walk in wardrobe with 4 hanging rails and 14 drawers - all in just 3m x 1m. From a failing storage unit into a...
The opportunity to purchase the narrow boat Alternative gave me the opportunity to explore the possibilities and benefits of living in a compact space. From my experiences of compact living, I can offer a unique knowledge of space saving techniques and can provide innovative solutions to many...
ALT8V believes that space is an extremely valuable commodity in modern urban environments. ALT8V specialises in designing and delivering efficient and highly innovative compact space solutions to a wide range of home, work and leisure environments. Living in a compact space means living in harmony...
The key to living in compact spaces is the multi-functionality of the interior and furniture within it. Alt8v specialise in designing, manufacteuring, and sourcing furniture that can help extract the most out of your space. The beauty of a piece lies in it's utility not it's asethitc.