East India Dock Concept Regeneration 2009

Current status of East India Dock Basin

Derelict since the 1960’s the East India Dock has fallen into disrepair. Decades of silt have deposited in the basin creating by default a unique salt marsh habitat for many species of mud and reed dwelling birds.

Why regenerate?

East India Dock Basin sits at the centre of a regional regeneration program that aims to redevelop and connect areas across both the Lea and Thames rivers.

New Thames Clipper port at Trinity Buoy Wharf will revitalise and connect the area with both the Millennium Dome in preparation for visitor traffic for the 2012 Olympics and the rest of London well into the future.

The area itself has significantly benefited from intensive residential and commercial development and transport infrastructure yet East India Dock still remains “off the beaten track” and essentially un-used by the local community.

As a result of the concentration of construction, the area is deprived of open public green space supporting the argument of a quality regeneration program that reflects the valuable waterside asset found at East India Dock Basin.

The Future................